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  1. Campaigns normally begin within 72 Maximum.All orders shall be considered active the moment the first visitor is delivered to the advertiser's site. There will be no refunds issued for any reason whatsoever, except in the sole event that The Traffic does not provide the number of visitors ordered. The Traffic guarantees to deliver the number of visitors specified in the order. In the event The Traffic is unable to provide the specified number of visitors within the specified time frame, plus 5 business days for leeway due to traffic fluctuations, a prorata refund shall be provided for all ordered visitors not so delivered. Advertiser shall at all times be financially responsible for all visitors actually delivered.

  2. All visitors shall be delivered to the exact URL submitted by advertiser. The Traffic shall not be responsible for errors on behalf of advertiser. In addition, The Traffic shall not be responsible in the event that advertiser's site becomes unavailable for any reason. Visitors delivered to an incorrect URL due to advertiser error, to a site that has become unavailable or contains pop ups shall not be credited or eligible for refund. 

    Should either of the above errors occur, advertiser may submit a written request for the campaign to be put on hold.  By submitting request, advertiser surrenders any right to a refund should the problem prove unable to be corrected, or the time for correction of the problem is to lengthy.
  3. Once approved by The Traffic, no changes of any kind may be made to the advertiser's page at the submitted URL without first requesting and receiving approval from The Traffic Any such request must be made in writing. Any changes made without written approval shall subject advertiser to immediate and indefinite suspension of all traffic, without refund.

  4. Advertiser acknowledges and agrees that The Traffic does not guarantee, and is not responsible for, any sales, registrations or other desired results from any advertising campaign. Once a campaign is active, there will be no refunds for any reason whatsoever, except in the sole event The Traffic does not provide the the number of visitors specified in the order. In case of under-delivery, advertiser shall be entitled to refund only for the prorated amount of order shortfall.

  5. The Traffic shall be entitled to recover all reasonable costs of collection (including attorneys’ fees) incurred in attempting to collect payment from advertiser.  Any advertiser who simply cancels a credit card purchase will be confronted with full legal action, regardless of the amount.   

  6. Advertiser may not assign or in any way transfer any of the rights or obligations hereunder.

  7. Advertiser will accept a reasonable amount of discrepancy (3.5%) in the reporting of traffic. In case of dispute, only raw server logs from the advertised site will be accepted as evidence of under-delivery. No third-party tracking or statistics services results will be accepted. In order to be considered, a claim of under-delivery must be submitted by Advertiser in writing, along with the appropriate evidence, to The Traffic within 10 days of the end of the campaign in question. The Traffic shall make reasonable effort to resolve discrepancies to the satisfaction of both parties; however, notwithstanding the foregoing, in event of continued dispute, The Traffic's statistics shall be final.
  8. The Traffic shall be entitled to include reference to advertiser as a The Traffic client on its web site or other marketing materials without compensation.

  9. The Traffic reserves the right to refuse service to any person or organization at its sole discretion. 

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